Service and Volunteering

Carnegie Mellon and Pittsburgh have become my home away from home. To give back to this community, I participate in several departmental and university organizations aimed at improving inclusivity, equity, and diversity on campus. Ask me about what we do!

International Student Advocacy at CMU

My role: Officer

ISA aims to give CMU’s international student community, which has historically been very disjointed on campus, a unifying voice within the university. We wish to advocate on behalf of international students at every level of the university to ensure their interests are being considered equally in the decision-making processes. 

EPP Student Facilitation Board

My role: Scribe

The purpose of the Graduate Student Facilitation Board is to coordinate and facilitate student-led activities and efforts, act as an interface between students and the administrations, and centralize any documents and records that student-led efforts yield. The Board aims to increase transparency and accountability, better coordinate efforts among a variety of committees and organizations, and ensure that all student needs are being adequately represented and met, with a particular emphasis on the needs of underrepresented and disenfranchised students. The Board will be responsible for maintaining a shared google drive that documents all identified student needs, and maps those needs to ongoing efforts to address them.

The Board was started to improve communication between the various student organizations, EPP and ETIM faculty and staff, and the student body. Further, the group started with the explicit goal of creating an environment in EPP and ETIM that is supportive of all students, with a particular emphasis on supporting underrepresented and disenfranchised students including students of color, international students, and LGBTQ+ students.

International Students in EPP

My role: Officer

The mission of IS=EPP is to support international students in our department in every aspect of their lives. We strive to create an inclusive community and improve the mutual understanding between all its members. Every member of the EPP community is welcomed to participate, regardless of nationality.

EPP Master’s Education Committee

My role: student representative

This committee will oversee all aspects of the EPP MS program including marketing, admissions, curriculum, and evaluation.