Teaching and Mentoring

Throughout my life as a student, I have benefited from invaluable mentorship from teachers, professors, upperclassmen, and my peers. Starting my sophomore year in college, I began taking on teaching assistantships and discovered I deeply enjoy working with students. Here I document my teaching experiences, along with mentors and mentees who have made me a better version of myself.

Teaching Experience
  • Teaching Assistant, Fall 2016

    Course: Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture

    Faculty: Zhongxin (Cindy) Sun

    Responsibilities: grading homework and quizzes, holding office hours and speech practice sessions for students.

  • Teaching Assistant, Spring 2017

    Course: Gender and Sexuality in China

    Faculty: Zhongxin (Cindy) Sun

    Responsibilities: hold office hours and consult with students on their project selections and progress.

  • Project Manager, Fall 2019

    EPP Projects: Climate Change and the Pittsburgh Urban Food System

    Faculty: Ed Rubin, John Miller

    Responsibilities: co-managed 19 undergraduates working on the same unframed question: what is the carbon footprint of Pittsburgh’s food system and how can we reduce it? Helped define the scope of the problem, managed weekly progress updates, provided research support to students, edited the 120-page project report and presentation to a panel of experts, ran faculty and manager feedback surveys, and performed other managerial tasks as needed. The project report can be accessed upon request, send me a message through the contact page!

  • Teaching Assistant, Spring 2021

    Course: Sustainable Energy for the Developing World

    Faculty: Aranya Venkatesh

    Responsibilities: graded homework, held office hours to answer homework and class questions, set up and helped run class activities, and managed remote learning logistics. In this class, I proposed a homework revisions policy where students were given partial credit for revised or late homework, which received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the students where they not only had leeway to make mistakes and learn from them, but were more motivated to learn because they knew they had a second chance to improve their grade, which in turn relieved a lot of stress.

My Mentors
My Mentees

Minji Kwon

Minji is a Junior studying Business Administration with an additional major in Statistics at Carnegie Mellon. She is spending Summer 2021 working on understanding household climate change adaptability through people’s energy consumption habits.

Charlotte Ng

Charlotte is a Sophomore studying Materials Science and Engineering with an additional major in Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon. She is spending Summer 2021 investigating people’s energy behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Past mentees: Sarah Hamilton